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New trainers...
2015-12-03 17:09:03

... passed successfully the exam after the Oct. 2015 course in Budapest.p

The interesting is that each member from this group were specialized to different fields - fromsenior training tilll children coordination.

Meet them on the Trainers’ site! 

The youngest Sparrowbag users
Check out these strong girls
2015-12-03 17:07:00
A special aerobic camp was held far from the capital but even closer to a professional level at Nadudvar. Choreography and fitness elements were tought to these children who really enjoyed being part of this fun. We were also attended with bags to complete the picture with strenght training. What a fun!
2013-01-28 22:22:19
Congratulations to the participants! Well done! See you at the exam in March :)
Gilda Max Flórián
2012-09-11 16:36:25
You can try SPARROBIC CROSS JAM with Nita Bojás and SPARROBAG ClasSession with Évi Kun.

F1 Fitness
Functional Training Center
2012-08-23 15:06:29
Please be informed that on 03. September NEW FITNESS GYM will open called F1 Fitness at Zugló, Budapest! Among others you can try the SPARROWBAG group sandbag circle training and for children the SPARROWBAG Interactive sandbag training.

Please note that on 09. September there will be an OPEN DAY at F1 Fitness so you all are welcomed!

F1 Fitness Functional Training Center
Fitbalance Siófok Beach Club
2012-07-26 20:01:47
BioTech USA Fitness Model Contest (Miss International Bikini Beach Beach Mr. & International)

- Free health screenings
- Lifestyle, exercise and dietary advice
- Free tasting of products by BioTech USA
- Brutal Challenge & Pink Challenge
- IWI water aerobics
- Sparrowbag
- Gflex training
- Functional training classes

28.07.2012 Siófok, Petőfi sétány 3.
6. Coca-Cola Aerobic Day, Budapest
03. 25. 2012. – Registration for SPARROWBAG, SPARROWBIC trainings
2012-03-12 15:22:51
Certainly we will be also presented on this uniqe event! We kindly invite you to participate in one of our SPARROWBAG Core Trainings or SPARROWBIC aerobic sandbag trainings held by Böbe Barta, Peti Barta and Marci Borsos! Music will be presented by D.J. Newtone!

... Please don’t miss the early registration since the particiption is LIMITED!
You can submit participation request once you have been registered on our sparrowbag.com webpage at the category of „Rendezvény” by clicking on the trainer’s name than the „esemény regisztráció” button!


10:00 SPARROWBIC aerobic training
11:00 SPARROWBAG core training
12:00 SPARROWBIC aerobic training
13:00 SPARROWBAG core training
14:00 SPARROWBIC aerobic training
15:00 SPARROWBAG core training
16:00 SPARROWBIC aerobic training
SPARROWBAG Core Training at Wellness Hotel Stáció!
Böbe Barta
2012-03-06 11:35:38
You can also meet with SPARROWBAG core training at Wellness Hotel Stáció, Vecsés! SPARROWBAG group training is led by Böbe Barta personal trainer and you can also benefit from the usage of SPARROWBAG sandbags individually in the Stáció Fitness gym!

2220 Vecsés, Széchenyi u. 20.


FittArena 2011
SPARROWBIC Peter Barta – Dia Muller
2011-12-06 16:56:23
a new sandbag workout to spice up aerobic courses


60-minute multi-set workout

safe tool instead of barbells

focus on developing critical body parts

high-intensity choreographed class

"Do you prefer body shaping classes or dynamic, choreographed movement or even training with some kind of tool? I offer you a training method in which you can find all of them – this is the SPARROWBIC"

Peter Barta /Aerobic Instructor, Personal Trainer/ Presenter of Year 2009 – Award for Best Male Presenter on Class with Equipment


FittArena 2011
Andrea Szalka Interval Training
2011-12-03 20:30:57
Interval training: one of the most effective workout methods to accelerate calorie usage! Are you dreaming about an great physical condition, a loss of 500-600 calories burned per hour, your waist getting slimmer or even an after burn effect? This is a place for you! By this course we boost up your endurance and improve those areas of the body which can be problematic. You will meet high- and low intensity intervals, striking power exercises, and an excellent feeling! Great feeling, music, “Szalka Andi” like dynamism. 100% interval style.

SPARROWBAG Wins Hungarian Design Price
2011, Product category, Designer: Ákos Maurer Klimes
2011-10-05 09:55:34

In 2011 SPARROWBAG product line was awarded in Product category, on Hungarian Design Award, organized by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and the Hungarian Design Council.

“The reloadable SPARROWBAG sandbag with its adjustable weight introduces a new form of training that develops and improves coordination. This thought-through and well- designed sports tool is ideal for efficient core training. In SPARROWBAG an extremely simple idea is communicated fluently. The product and the related system are strong contenders to become trendsetters in the fitness and bodybuilding market.” Jury statement

Hungarian Design Award, award list

Museum of Applied Arts exhibition

Designer Ákos Maurer Klimes

@ www.sparrowbag.com
2011-08-11 20:38:34
We are pleased to presend you our NEW WEBSITE of Autumn 2011.
We wish you to enjoy searching for new videos and training tips as well as downloading refreshed workout programs for you home fitness sessions with SPARROWBAG®