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SPARROWBAG® – a unique training method
Intergrated muscle training with simple exercises
The SPARROWBAG® is not only a bag filled with sand, it is the cornerstone of a new, comprehensive training system recommended to all, independent of age, sex, or sport. Training with the SPARROWBAG® will not only save you time, but and you can use it anywhere.
XS size bag (fill to 5-8kg)
74 €

For individual workout
Let the SPARROWBAG® be your Personal Trainer!
Strength training done with sand-filled designer bag. Results are visible within a few weeks. Suitable both for indoor or outdoor use!
For gyms and personal trainers
Innovative workout tool for high-intensity circuit training programs
The method not only develops general strength, is also excellent for body shaping and functional muscular development.
For professional athletes and coaches
High-intensity sandbag-based workout
Can be beneficial to include to any type of sports training program, may easily be organised as uniquely efficient interval Core Training.

... passed successfully the exam after the Oct. 2015 course in Budapest.p

The interesting is that each member from this group were specialized to different fields - fromsenior training tilll children coordination.

Meet them on the Trainers’ site! 

A special aerobic camp was held far from the capital but even closer to a professional level at Nadudvar. Choreography and fitness elements were tought to these children who really enjoyed being part of this fun. We were also attended with bags to complete the picture with strenght training. What a fun!
Congratulations to the participants! Well done! See you at the exam in March :)
You can try SPARROBIC CROSS JAM with Nita Bojás and SPARROBAG ClasSession with Évi Kun.

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