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  • Show us your stuff! Upload video of your own workout! Create unique SPARROWBAG exercises!
  • We will help you reach the top! An easy to adjust training method Tailor-made exercises for different sports
  • SPARROWBAG training method 12 easy basic exercises Not only for the professional athlete
  • Track your development! Keep an online training log! Plan your own SPARROWBAG circuit training!
  • SPARROWBAG Wins Hungarian Design Price
  • How does it feel like? SPARROWBAG is the only one hold-free Sandbag equipment Find out more, how it works!
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Sparrowbag Basic
XS size bag (fill to 5-8kg)
74.00 €

S size bag (fill to 8-12kg)
74.00 €

M size bag (fill to 12-20kg)
74.00 €

L size bag (fill to 20-32kg)
84.00 €

XL size bag (fill to 32-44kg)
84.00 €